Support local structures and struggles in Greece and Turkey

You don’t know what to do? These three Groups who need financial support. They work at the moment at the greek-turkish border (in Lesvos or Turkey) and there is help needed! Tell it to your friends, organize solidarity events or spread it on social media. If you wa nt to add a group or association, please write to


Halkların Köprüsü / Bridging Peoples (Turkey)

The Bridging Peoples Association aims to establish public solidarity and friendship between all peoples on the basis of equality, justice, and freedom. We prefer to call ourselves a solidarity group rather than a non-governmental organization. We stay actively engaged in politics because our lives and politics are inseparably intertwined.


Legal Centre Lesvos

The Legal Centre Lesvos is a team of lawyers, law graduates and interpreters from across the world who show our solidarity with the migrants of Lesvos and Europe through our legal work. The project aims to create meaningful change through advocacy, strategic litigation and engagement with the refugee movement.

Lesvos Solidarity

After the EU-Turkey statement came into force in March 2016, the number of refugees stuck in Lesvos dramatically increased. To respond to this changed reality and in order to effectively manage the donations in money and manpower that kept streaming in from every part of the world, part of the group of “The Village of All Together” founded Lesvos Solidarity as an official NGO. Since then, Lesvos Solidarity has continued to develop initiatives to support refugees and locals, inside and outside Pikpa camp, such as our Mosaik Support Centre. The group also continues to be a hub for political actions and mobilisation, denouncing the impact of the EU–Turkey deal.

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