online discussion: access to health care for refugees in Greece

6.04.2020, 8 p.m. (CET) /// live-stream

What became obvious in light of the coronavirus has already been an urgent problem before: Access to health care is not sufficiently provided to refugees in Greece.

  • Parwana Amiri: author, poet and activist, is currently a resident of Ritsona refugee camp

  • Cassandra Espinosa: caseworker with Medical Volunteers International and the Khora Asylum Support Team in Athens

  • Damian Cavallaro: worked with Khora in Athens, in Switzerland he is involved in an evaluation of the Greek asylum law 

  • Jasamin Beigui: specialist for internal medicine in Germany, has been several times on Lesvos since 2018

  • Robert Nestler: co-founder and legal coordinator at Equal Rights Beyond Borders

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